4 Ways to Save on Utility Bills in the Hot Summer Months

Although the summer months are a favorite for so many of us, homeowners can get stressed by the skyrocketing energy bills as your struggle to keep things cool inside the house. If you want to cut back on how much you’re spending on utility bills, a few behavioral strategies can make a huge difference.

Consider the following popular strategies to keep utility bills manageable during the hottest months of the year.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

Instead of switching on your air conditioner, consider turning on the ceiling fans instead. When we feel hot in the summer, most of the time it’s because of a lack of air circulation around the house.

There’s no better way to increase the cool airflow around your home than by using the ceiling fans. When the fans are on, you can even switch off the air-conditioning unit so it’s not running your electricity while inactive.

Keep the Drapes Closed

Sunlight is a major contributor to a hot household. If you have sunlight streaming in through the glass surfaces in your home, you’ll definitely be feeling the heat. Fix this problem by blocking out the heat and the light.

When it hits high noon and the sun is at its most intense point of the day, make sure that you close the curtains. This will prevent your rooms from climbing to temperature extremes that take a lot of energy power to cool down again so your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard.

Ventilate the House

Nothing beats that summer breeze — and letting it in will help regulate the temperature in and around your home. Opening the doors and windows periodically will help move the hot stagnant air that’s built up during the day out while letting in the fresh air.

Install a mesh screen over doors and windows to prevent any unwanted pests and insects from sneaking in while you’re airing out the home.

Clean Your Air-Conditioning Unit

A dirty air conditioning unit isn’t able to work it’s best. If your air conditioning isn’t regulating the temperature as efficiently as it should be, it may just need to be cleaned out. Air conditioners that are working through built-up dirt and grime require much more energy to cool down your home than does a clean unit.

You’ll want to clean the vents, too. Keeping a clean air-conditioning unit and air pathways will purify your interior environment — resulting in a healthier and cleaner home.

Now you can enjoy the summer season without a spike in utility costs. If you want more ideas to help you invest in memorable moments rather than household expenses, call us today.


source:  Houlihan Lawrence newsletter

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