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11 Ways to Help People Who Have Dementia but Don’t Realize it | The Intentional Caregiver

Being a caregiver for someone who has a memory deficit can be extremely challenging. It becomes even more difficult when that person is unaware of their dementia or any other limitations associated with it. Dementia can directly impact a person’s ability to follow directions, can compromise their safety,  impedes problem-solving and abstract reasoning. It can […]

Some Important Factors To Consider Before Creating A Special Needs Trust | Cole Schotz – JDSupra

A Third-Party Special Needs Trust (also referred to as a “Supplemental Needs Trust”) allows parents or other relatives of a special needs beneficiary to dedicate assets to the beneficiary by gift or inheritance without affecting his or her eligibility to receive government benefits and without any need for reimbursement of benefits that are provided by […]

4 Steps to Forecasting Cash Flow | Small Biz Ahead

Do you want to really have a great handle on your cash flow? Do you want to minimize surprises in your business and reduce stress in your life? Then you need ways to improve your cash flow and create a forecast for your small business. That’s what my smartest clients do; they are always looking […]

9 of the best Elon Musk secrets for success | Ladders

Elon Musk is the rare kind of CEO that other CEOs become fanboys about. Musk, the co-founder Tesla, is also known for his leadership at rocket company SpaceX, PayPal and Zip2 and OpenAI, not to mention his plans for the superfast train system known as the Hyperloop. Musk also launched NeuraLink in March of this year. Source: […]

How To Do Estate Planning On The Cheap (Forbes)

Yes, it can be painful to pay for estate planning. Lawyers charge a lot. The benefits of a plan are delayed, and you don’t live to see them anyway. Who wants to spend big bucks on a plan when times are so tough and the federal estate tax is in flux? Fewer and fewer Americans, […]

Preparing for a new year: Take time now for a quick estate plan review | Adler Pollock & Sheehan P.C. – JDSupra

Hopefully, you’ve already made certain estate planning provisions this year to protect the interests of your heirs and minimize potential estate tax liability. But that doesn’t mean you’re completely in the clear. You can’t just fill out the paperwork, lock up the documents in a file cabinet or store them electronically, and forget about it. […]

A Buyer’s Guide to Reading Financial Statements – Consider a Building’s Fiscal Health

One of the most important issues in deciding if a cooperative or condominium apartment is a wise investment is the financial status of the building itself. The key document that potential buyers should review is the annual financial statement. This review, commonly known as due diligence, should b… Read entire article here: A Buyer’s Guide […]