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Tax Treatment of Canceled Mortgage Debt (thebalance.com)

Mortgage debt may qualify to be excluded from income under the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act. This law provides that certain types of canceled mortgage debt can be excluded from taxes. This exclusion is important for people whose homes have been foreclosed, or who sold their house short, or who restructured their mortgage. Read the […]

LEGALZOOM:  Recordkeeping for LLCs — What Do You Need to Save?

You may have heard that limited liability companies, or LLCs, have fewer recordkeeping requirements than corporations. But if you have formed an LLC, you might now be wondering exactly what those requirements are. Your state’s LLC laws may list certain documents and information that LLCs must keep at their headquarters. But the documents you must […]

NYSBA | The Digital Footprint After Death:  WHO WEARS THE SHOES?

Email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumbler, online banking, online shopping, and other forms of electronic communications, comprise our digital footprint. They are seemingly ubiquitous and omnipresent in the life of our business, social, and personal affairs. But, on death, who has the right of access to a decedent’s digital footprint? More importantly, what is […]

IRS Announces Key Estate and Gift Tax Exemptions for 2018 | Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP – JDSupra

On October 19, IRS issued Revenue Procedure 2017-58, announcing inflation adjustments for 2018 for dozens of important figures across the Internal Revenue Code, including the following two key numbers regarding the estate tax, gift tax and generation-skipping transfer (GST) tax Source: IRS Announces Key Estate and Gift Tax Exemptions for 2018 | Mitchell Silberberg & […]

Buy a co-op at a discount: All about HDFCs and how to snag one

WHAT IS AN HDFC CO-OP? There are plenty of Housing Development Fund Corporation (hence the shorthand, HDFCs) buildings across the city—including rentals—but co-ops are usually what garner interest. The original, best-known types were created several decades ago when the city allowed tenants in buildings with derelict landlords to form co-operatives, take over their buildings, and buy their apartments for […]