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Read this before you take Social Security benefits

Many retirees rely on Social Security for most or all of their income in retirement. Before you make a decision that will have major financial implications for the rest of your life, it’s important to know everything at stake in the timing of when you take your benefits. Here are a few things to consider. […]

What is Non-Prime Lending?

Non-Prime is a term for loan types that do not fit into the restraints of government lending standards known as Prime, Agency, or A-Paper Lending and defined as Qualified Mortgages. Non-Prime loans also known as temporary or fixer loans, for borrowers who are on their way to Prime but need a little help before they […]

Release of Estate Tax lien in New York

When a person dies, the Tax Law places a lien on the decedent’s real property to secure the payment of any estate tax due. This estate tax lien is effective as of the decedent’s date of death. To transfer real property from a decedent’s estate, you must request and then receive a release of lien […]

Real Estate Taxes NYC | Capital Gains Tax New York

Sep 15 2015 In today’s red-hot market, with prices breaking records nearly every quarter and copiers running out of ink printing investment sales contracts, some aspects of real estate taxation – such as the 20 percent difference between federal long-term capital gains tax and ordinary income tax — can begin to have a major impact […]

REALTOR – The New Closing Rules – YouTube

Published on Jul 20, 2015 REALTOR® Magazine presented a live webcast on July 16, 2015, to help real estate professionals understand the changes to the closing process that are scheduled to go into effect later this year. The program featured attorney Phil Schulman, a partner with K&L Gates and former official with the U.S. Department […]

Your Home: 4 Tax-Smart Moves

For many people, a home is one of their most valuable assets. As such, it needs to be factored into your estate plan. Traditionally, homeowners have focused on limiting estate tax. Now, they need to shift their focus to saving on income tax. The reason: The estate tax exemption has climbed to $5.43 million per […]