NYC – Crack Down on Chronic Litigants

Crack Down on Chronic Litigants

April 29, 2014 by William J. Neville Esq.

Many tenants treat their landlords as banks where they can get interest-free loans. These are the tenants who chronically refuse to pay rent when due. They take advantage of the delays in the legal system to hold off paying the rent for as long as possible. Trying to get these tenants to pay rent on time costs owners time and aggravation.

Sometimes, these tenants are too smart for their own good. My office has had success pursuing “chronic litigant holdovers.” Courts are more likely to evict these tenants and award legal fees. This is especially true where the owner enters into a probationary stipulation where the tenant promises to pay rent on time. The probationary stipulation is an efficient and cost-effective way (compared to trial) to obtain a judgment of possession and warrant of eviction if the tenant doesn’t pay rent when due. The chronic litigant holdover is a potent weapon for owners to use against tenants who take advantage of owners and the court system.

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